Added Compatibility with the Dataset to the VLC DASH Plugin

A new set of patches is now available which make the plugin fully compatible with the dataset from our website and a part of the actual standard. A zip package with the patches could be found here.
The profile used in the dataset is the isoffmain which is also part of the actual DASH standard that has recently been ratified as IS. Backwards compatibility with the basiccm profile is also given. The dataset could be found here. Furthermore the plugin also supports now HTTP byte range requests and the DASH mediaRange and range attributes of the init segment and the segment.
Description of the Patches:

  1. Patch 001: Parsing and management of the isoffmain profile
  2. Patch 002: Added byte range requests
  3. Patch 003: Due to the fact that resolution switching works not smooth in VLC we have introduced two user values where the user can define his/her preferred resolution. After that the plugin will only switch between the same resolutions that fit best to this preferences:

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