Multi-Codec DASH Dataset

The number of bandwidth-hungry applications and services is constantly growing. HTTP adaptive streaming of audio-visual content accounts for the majority of today’s internet traffic. Although the internet bandwidth increases also constantly, audio-visual compression technology is inevitable and we are currently facing the challenge to be confronted with multiple video codecs.
This paper proposes a multi-codec DASH dataset comprising AVC, HEVC, VP9, and AV1 in order to enable interoperability testing and streaming experiments for the efficient usage of these codecs under various conditions. We adopt state of the art encoding and packaging options and also provide basic quality metrics along with the DASH segments. Additionally, we briefly introduce a multi-codec DASH scheme and possible usage scenarios. Finally, we provide a preliminary evaluation of the encoding efficiency in the context of HTTP adaptive streaming services and applications.
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Anatoliy Zabrovskiy, Christian Feldmann, and Christian Timmerer. 2018. Multi-Codec DASH Dataset. In Proceedings of ACM Multimedia Systems Conference 2018 (MMSys’18), Pablo Cesar, Michael Zink, and Niall Murray (Eds.). Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2018.
Preprint available here.
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