SVC Demux & Mux

SVC Bitstream Reordering for SVC-DASH


Tools for Scalable Video Coding (SVC) bitstream reordering to support Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH).

  • Demultiplexer for SVC-DASH. Splits the SVC bitstream into chunks, one per layer. Also generates an MPD. This tool is deployed at the server.
  • Re-Multiplexer for SVC-DASH. Reorders SVC layer chunks into a single SVC bitstream. This tool is deployed at the client (after the DASH client, before the SVC decoder).

In SVC-based DASH, the SVC layers are provided in multiple representations. A normal SVC bitstream has enhancement layers located at each frame. For SVC-DASH each temporal segment is split into multiple chunks, one per layer. Each of the chunks contains several frames for one layer.

Segmentation of SVC bitstream for DASH. SVC layers in (a) original bitstream and (b) segmentation for DASH
Both tools are implemented as Python scripts and can be found on Sourceforge:

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