New beta version of VLC DASH Plugin

The current version of the plugin supports:

  • Single profile as defined in the documentation section
  • Profiles of DASH are defined so as to enable interoperability and the signaling of the use of features etc. A profile has an identifier and refers to a set of specific restrictions. The profiles with which a MPD complies are indicated in the MPD@profiles attribute.

  • Different adaptation logics
  • An adaptation logic is a logic that selects the next segment or part of a segment that should be downloaded. With the current design it should be very easy to implement and test new logics for research purposes.

  • Single/Multiple periods per media presentation
  • But I recommend to use just single periods due to the beta state of the plugin.

  • ISO Base Media File Format segments
  • The mpd profiles attribute must be set to “urn:mpeg:mpegB:profile:dash:isoff-basic-on-demand:cm”

Test-Content and sample MPDs are located at the Download-Section. Videos of the plugin were you can see DASH in action and some other versions of the plugin  that support the CMP layer and session transfer using MPEG-21 could be found here. Documentation about the supported profile and how to build VLC with DASH as well as a class diagram could be found on the Documentation-Section.

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