Meet us at the ACM Multimedia 2014

We are happy to announce that we are going to attend this year’s ACM Multimedia (ACM MM), Orlando, Florida, (Nov. 3-7, 2014.).
Full Paper
Title: Self-Organized Inter-Destination Multimedia Synchronization for Adaptive Media Streaming
Authors: B. Rainer, and C. Timmerer
As social networks have become more pervasive, they have changed how we interact socially. The traditional TV experience has drifted from an event at a fixed location with family or friends to a location-independent and distributed social experience. In addition, more and more Video On-Demand services have adopted pull-based streaming. In order to provide a synchronized and immersive distributed TV experience we introduce self-organized Inter-Destination Multimedia Synchronization (IDMS) for adaptive media streaming. In particular, we adapt the principles of IDMS to MPEG-DASH to synchronize multimedia playback among geographically distributed peers. We introduce session management to MPEG-DASH and propose a Distributed Control Scheme (DCS) to negotiate a reference playback timestamp among the peers participating in an IDMS session. We evaluate our DCS with respect to scalability and the time required to negotiate the reference playback timestamp. Furthermore, we investigate how to compensate for asynchronism using Adaptive Media Playout (AMP) and define a temporal distortion metric for audio and video which allows the impact of playback rate variations to be modeled with respect to QoE. This metric is evaluated based on a subjective quality assessment using crowdsourcing.

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