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This is an informational post about the version of the plugin that has been submitted to VLC. First of all thank you for trying DASH and for the feedback it is much appreciated. But I got a lot of questions per mail and in the comments of this page. Therefore I want to summarize the most problems so that everybody could take advantage of it.
Information about the VLC version:

  • It supports bandwidth adaptation with a SIMPLE adaptation logic.
  • ONLY the profile that is described in the documentation section of this page is supported.
  • This means that not all MPDs provided in the Dataset are supported. (byte range requests, baseurl, no segments etc. are NOT supported)
  • Switching between different resolutions is not supported. (This feature needs changes in the VLC core/decoder)
  • There is no DASH Dialog in this version, simply open a MPD that is COMPATIBLE with the one described in the documentation section and it should play the stream.
  • I suggest to increase the HTTP buffer of VLC because the VLC version has currently no buffer. (At least to one and a half segment length)
  • If you have compile problems you should place your questions on the VLC developer mailinglist.

Currently I have very less time to make some further development maybe i pop some patches from my local stack next week and submit them to VLC.
Thank you for the feedback and sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused but this plugin is still in beta status.

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