DASH-JS – A JavaScript-based DASH library for Google Chrome

Our new DASH-JS implementation is now online! DASH-JS is a seamless integration of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)  into the Web using the HTML5 video element. Moreover, it is based on JavaScript which uses the Media Source API of Google’s Chrome browser to present a flexible and potentially browser independent DASH player. Furthermore, DASH-JS is currently using WebM-based media segments and comes with a MPD generation script for WebM content. A more detailed description as well as showcases are available here on our website.

Note that the usage of WebM is required solely due to the Media Source API of Chrome. However, the Media Source API has been recently extended toward ISOBMFF segments. Our DASH-JS is actually agnostic to the underlying segment format as long as it is supported by the media decoder.

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