Adaptive Video over ICN @ ICNRG, IETF'87

We presented our adaptive video over ICN research in the ICNRG at the 87th IETF Meeting in Berlin. Here you can find our presentation:
Title: Adaptive Video over ICN
Authors: Stefan Lederer, Christian Timmerer, Cedric Westphal and Christopher Mueller
Abstract: This document presents the usage of Information Centric Networks (ICN) for adaptive multimedia streaming and identifies problems which have to be considered for such applications. As solution DASH over ICN is presented, which leverages the recent ISO/IEC MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) standard. DASH over ICN offers the possibility to transfer data from multiple sources as well as over multiple links in parallel, which is definitely an important feature, e.g., for mobile devices offering multiple network links. In addition to this, the named multimedia content is routed and cached efficiently by the underlying network.

Adaptive Video Streaming over ICN Draft: :

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